Operation specification for die casting machine

Views : Updata time : 2019-11-07

[die casting machine] operation standard die casting machine           

4.2 replace the molten cup punch according to the mold condition and adjust the injection and landing structure if necessary.           

4.3 look at the dynamic template to ensure that the surface has no foreign objects and no high points.           

4.4 the correct device sling, in the judgment of the safety situation lifting, and ensure that the mold into the machine before no swing, avoid collision machine tool.           

Die casting operation standard           

4.5 according to the mold status, correctly install the mold. Pay special attention to, with hydraulic core pulling mold, it is necessary to machine tool corresponding to the core pulling condition to "pick", and the core pulling in the dynamic mold, to the "lock mode" before the core; core pulling in the static mold, to the "lock mode" after the plug in the core.           

4.6 press the mould, connect the tubing and cooling water pipe to finish the die set.           

[die casting machine] operation standard die casting machine           

5. mould debugging           

After the 5.1 device is finished, the die is debugged, and the core pulling device is equipped with the core pulling device. It is necessary to pay attention to the debugging when the core is not inserted and the core of the static mould is not in place           

It is forbidden to open the mold when the die is inserted           

When the core pulling of the moving die core pulling device is not in place, the ejection is avoided           

Die casting operation standard           

5.2 it is necessary to debug the ejection stroke first, the rod is not in place, and the plug or die is not necessary.           

5.3 adjust the machine tool opening to select the appropriate clamping force.           

5.4 adjust the pressure injection and follow out stroke, check the cooling water of the punch to ensure no leakage.           

5.5 according to the die casting technology card input technical parameters.