Characteristics and influence of dilution water for mold release of die casting machine

Views : Updata time : 2019-11-08

1. The property and influence of dilution water for die casting machine:           

2, die casting machine hard water Ca2+ can occur doubt:           

The accumulation of Ca++ in water will stay on the surface of the mold by transpiration, and there is a very hard and wear-resistant shell like cubic crystal (stack).           


3. The influence of bacterial contamination:           

1) die casting machine reduce the content of active agent, affect the nature of mold release agent;           

2) cause mold and workpiece unclean;           

3) damage to the interior and / or exterior of the workpiece;           

4) the obstruction of the pipeline is corroded under the pole condition;           

5) bad environmental conditions: rotten odors, extreme conditions, and pathogenic microorganisms (infectious).           

4, release agent can affect the nature of human or mold:           

1) product damage and smoke: environmental conditions and safe operation of die casting plants.           


2) corrosion resistance of die casting machine: chemical damage on mould, machine appearance and peripheral parts.           

3) chemical physics stability and biological stability: the function of products and the influence of bacterial contamination.           

4) chemical separability, environmental impact, recoverability and so on: recovery of product storage and environmental damage availability.           

5, the nature of the release agent in the film forming elements and the questions that can occur:           

6. Factors affecting die casting machine technology:           

1) the influence of aluminum ingot:           

Can trace elements be qualified?;           

Trademark of aluminium ingot;           

- whether recycled aluminum ingot.           

2) aluminum ingot exercise:          

  Selection of the essence agent;           

Exercise time and temperature control;           

Frequency of slag beating.