Die casting machine casting safety operation procedures

Views : Updata time : 2019-11-08

1. before starting the motor, first of all, the relief valve handle is placed in the pressure relief direction, until the normal operation of the motor, and then spread the relief valve handle.           

2. before the injection, the model must be heated to the regular temperature before it can be pressed into the metal solution.           

3. mold parting surface touch and gate, should use protective baffle, operators need to wear protective glasses. The operator shall not stand on the opposite side of the parting surface. To prevent metal liquid splashing wounding.           

4. close the tank with naked objects. When the tank temperature exceeds the regular operating temperature of the equipment, the water is cooled.           

5. when casting and pouring risers are removed from die casting die, something should be used. After the casting is removed, the metal residue adhered on the mold and the ventilation hole shall be removed in time.           

6. at the end of the operation, it is necessary to stop the oil pump and close all the valves. If the heat preservation furnace is used to keep the metal liquid warm, the power supply should be closed and the ventilation equipment on the insulation furnace should be stopped.