Located in Jiangshan Industrial District of Jiangmen City,Chinese famous motorcycle production base, Zhenli MachineryCompany is a high-tech company specializing in R&D,design,production,and after-sale services.since its foundation in 2002,after a decade's development and dedication,Zhenli has developed into a modem factory with imported CNC machining center,gantry milling,planer,grinder,and other advanced equipment,The main products of Zhenli including “ZL” series of hot chamber die casting machines,“ZLC”series of cold chamber die casting machines have become one of the world's best selling brands.
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How is the die casting machine made up?

The die casting machine consists of the following parts.

Die casting machine casting safety operation procedures

1. before starting the motor, first of all, the relief valve handle is placed in the pressure relief direction, until the normal operation of the motor, and then spread the relief valve handle.

Characteristics and influence of dilution water for mold release of die casting machine

1. The property and influence of dilution water for die casting machine:
2, die casting machine hard water Ca2+ can occur doubt:

Operation specification for die casting machine

[die casting machine] operation standard die casting machine
4.2 replace the molten cup punch according to the mold condition and adjust the injection and landing structure if necessary.

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