Precision Hot Chamber Machine

Zhenli hot chamber die casting machine equipped with high-quality injection, die clamping and control system can meet the requirements of the word class level, which can secure Zhenli"s leading position in the same line.


1.The nozzle, nozzle body, gooseneck and crucible are made of high-temperature materials,rendering it to be durable and reliable.

2.The nozzle body and gooseneck are electrically heated for safety and durability. The temperature can be kept stably to avoid defective products due to blocked nozzle or the change of temperature.

The automatic central lubrication system can directly set the cycle times of lubrication for the machine itself.

The world's famous hydraulic elements, such as Yuken, Rexroth, Vickers, are used for the machine with the aim of stable performance and long working life.


The unique double-proportional hydraulic system is equipped with independent flow and pressure proportional valves so as to make the speed and pressure for die open die clamping and ejection adjustable at anytime.

Japanese electronic fumace is adopted for stable performance and high safety.

The water cooler used for the oil path provides high cooling performance, which can maintain the specific oil temperature and viscosity to ensure a stable performance to the machine.


Main Features

Zhenli hot chamber die casting machine equipped with high-quality injection, die clamping and control system can meet the requirements of the word class level, which can secure Zhenli"s leading position in the same line.

Main Features

The maximum dry shot speed is bigger than 5m/s.

Standard design, excellent performance, and with piston-type accumulators.

Hydraulic gear-type mold adjustment structure is easy for operation.

Plates and hinges are of high rigidity.

With an automatic lubrication system, you can adjust the lubrication penod and oil volume freely,Which can lengthen the working life of the machine.

The exclusively designed injection system is suitable for all kinds of production of high-quality castings.

The machine is equipped with unique double-proportional hydraulic system to save energy.

The fast die clamping system helps to improve efficiency.


High-strength and Efficient Die Clamping Mechanism

Main Features:

1.The double-toggle hinge locking mechanism is made of high-strength ductile cast iron processed by CNC for security and durability.

2.The anti-corrosion hard-chrome alloy steel guide with high pull force is used for durability and reliability.

3.The low-pressure protection program is adopted to ensure the safety of the dies.

4.High-precision position detection by electronic gauge provides high-precision control of the stroke.

5.The automatic forward and backward moving locking system is equipped for die casting in way of fixed nozzle or moving nozzle.

6.The extremely large space is provided to realize the automatic adjustment of die thickness.

7.The hydraulic lifting function is provided for the choice of center ejection or deviated ejection.

8.The cooperation between the computer and hydraulic system and the realization of four-section die locking ensures the protection for plates and molds at the low pressure stage.


Stable and Reliable Injection System

Main Features:

The piston-type accumulator equipped with the beam injection system features in speedy filling, long lifetime, stability and convenience for maintenance.

The unique new-concept fast injection oil path design is adopted, among which the slow injection is controlled by proportional valve and adjustable digital, which can meet all kinds of requirements of production.

The advanced injection system ensures stable injection speed, and the dry shot speed is bigger than 5m/s.

The fumace is controlled by temperature digitally, and the temperature can be adjusted easily, so as to keep production stable and to lengthen the working life of the hot-work part.


Fast and Precise Mold Adjustment System

Main Features:

Hydraulic gear-type mold adjustment structure is easy for operation.

The intelligent mold adjustment program can precisely calculate the space for receiving a mold so as for easy change and enhancement of efficiency.

Injection Position

Two injection positions are available,which can offer one more choice for customers in mold design and production.

Ejection Mechanism

In an exclusive structure, the machine can eject stably and fast.

Pull-bar design is suitable for those molds which can reset automatically.

Advanced Control System

Main Features:

With a high-quality intelligent computer controller, the machine can work stably and reliably.

Taiwan Mirle MH6117 Control System

Siemens S-7 200/300 Controller System(optional)

Electrical Control Parts

1.The integrated and separated electrical cabinets are available, easy for arrangement.

2.The intelligent computer is adopted to control and monitor the data and status of each action, easy for operation and maintenance.

3.The big liquid crystal screen can realize the conversion of multiple languages, such as Chinese, English, Russian, and so on.

4.The powerful memory can store molding data, such as time, times, speed, pressure, stroke, mold thickness, options and so on.

5.The control system is equipped with self-check and failure alarm function, which is convenient for troubleshooting.

6.The input and output monitoring function is provided with LED indicators.

7. Die clamping system is equipped with electric ruler which is used for position test, and the accuracy can be reached 0.1mm.

8. The production time and batch are recorded automatically so that the machine can stop working automatically based on the set quantity.


Configurations for ZL Series High Precision Hot

Standard Configuration

1.Two-Step speed Injection System

2.Fast Die Locking

3.Low-Pressure Die Locking Protection

4.Automatic Mold Adjustment

5.Automatic Central Lubrcation System

6.Hydraulic Nozzle Device

7.Multiple Hydraulic Ejection

8.Electnic-heated Nozzle and Gooseneck

9.Inclined Die Locking

10.Diesel-fired Fumace

11.Taiwan Mirle Control System


Optional Devices

1.Siemens s-7 200 Controller

2.Siemens S-7 300 Controller

3.Electric Fumace

4.Hydraulic Lifting Device

5.Pneumatic Knockdown Device

6.Automatic Sprayer

7.Pneumatic Safety Door

8.Automatic Robot and Sprayer

9.Automatic Conveyor

Pneumatic Knockdown Device

Automatic Sprayer

Automatic Safety Door

Electric Fumace