Peripheral Equipment

Zhenli is dedicated to provide customers with highly integtrated,automatic and effcient die casting machines.


Peripheral Equipment(Optional)

Advanced Siemens-7200 Control System Injection Monitor System with SPC Function Embedded Heating Device for Electric Fumace Hydraulic Trimming Machine


Robot for spraying ,Weighing adn Fetching

Main Features:

The fetch arm is designed in a straight manner,controlled by servo,and driven by rolling bars,fast and stable;the main arm can reach a precise position.

Can spray automatically and flexibly at a high speed.

The robot is equipped with a weighing sensor,which can avoid any damage to the modl.Easy to dismantle,and easy for dally maintenance.


Intelligent Robot-Offering You Flexible and Automatic Services

Kawasaki Robot ABB Robot FANUC Robot


Stainless Steel Conveyor Mold Temperature Controller Releasing Agent Mixer centrazed melting Furnace